Agile Holdings

Agile Holdings is owned by Mark Ayto . His background in Project management encouraged him to set up his own consultancy company Agile Construction Project management Ltd.

His passion for building and his desire to build something new and different led him to start Tailor Made Homes Ltd. Both companies are run and held by Agile Holdings Ltd.

Agile Construction Project Management

The aim of Agile Construction project Management,is to provide a fresh outlook on consultancy.To listen to  the client, and move efficiently following Marks Agile system through the process of conception, feasibility, design, cost and build.

Services Include:

  • Developing the clients brief.
  •  Feasibility of the brief.
  • Cost planning.
  • Develop construction drawings to cost plan stage
  • Cost Planning and procurement.
  • Detailed design.
  • Contract management.
  • Tender selection.
  • Contract award and cost analysis.
  • Principle contractor management.
  • Package management.
  • Health and safety.
  • CDM control.
  • Clerk of works.
  • Snagging.
  • Test , Commissioning and operational manuals .


Our Services

  • Overall look of a concept and development.
  • Finding building plots.
  • Funding of the build.
  • Overview of the complete process.
  • Planning application.
  • Detailed design.
  • Procurement and the Cost of build.
  • Cost management of build.
  • Agree cost with transparent prices.
  • Service co ordination and design for  Electric, water, Drainage and data communications.
  • Build from start to turnkey, test and commissioning.


Mark and his team’s key talents are understanding the clients brief and turning that brief into a tangible design by appointing the correct design and commercial team for that project.

The team then work with the client to make sure that the very essence of the project is captured and realised.

The commercial team set to work to understand the fastest cost effective way to procure the works and establish the the correct contract and principle contractor for the works at the best price.

Agile Construction management will then manage the principle contractor on site including Health and Safety and administrate the contact through its life span until the works are complete to hand over .



  • To design a building that suits the client’s requirement’s as accurately and as cost effective as possible.

  • Working with an Agile strategy we move quickly to understand the clients brief, assemble an appropriate design team and create a building solution that meets the clients’ needs.

  • The design is tested and signed off as the most appropriate solution.

  • Agile can cost plan various build options and realise the fastest cost-effective solution to the client’s brief.

  • Agile can assess and advise on the most appropriate procurement route, Principle Contractor. selection process and the most appropriate contract.

  • Agile will manage the principle contractor and the contract from selection to turnkey.

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Agile’s Vision

To work with clients, designers and builders to create world class projects at the highest level.