Agile Holdings Ltd are currently looking for Investors in the following.


  • Land for Sale.
  • Investors for Land, commercial and residential Investment
  • Investment in housing schemes up to 12 dwellings

Future Projects and Vision

Mark and Agile Holdings are looking for land and Investors to develop the following;

A small self-contained Carbon neutral community that will include  the latest Carbon Neutral technologies .

The vision includes a harmonious community that will have the young looking after the old, a resident doctor, renewable energy sources, local small shop with good produce and a living together caring sharing ethos.



  • To design a building that suits the client’s requirement’s as accurately and as cost effective as possible

  • Working with an Agile strategy  we move  quickly to understand the clients brief, assemble an appropriate design team and  create a building solution that meets the clients’ needs

  • The design is tested and signed off as the most appropriate solution

  • Agile can cost plan various build options and realise the fastest cost-effective   solution to the clients brief

  • Agile can assess and advise on the most appropriate procurement route ,Principle Contractor selection process and the most appropriate contract

  • Agile will manage  the principle contractor and the contract  from selection to turnkey

Let us assist you

Agile’s Vision

To build Inspiring living spaces for people wanting something different than the mainstream House builder

To understand and realise the clients vision, “Agile Realising your vision “

To design and build some of the world’s greatest buildings…